Below you will find a few pictures of some of our illustrious staff members. The Mint, being a fun place to work, doesn't go through a lot of turnover -- quite a few of them have been with us for many years.

The irresistably charming Jane.

Jim is always ready to pour you a belt before you belt out a few.

Brian -- Oh he of the quick tongue and wide smile.

David -- Quick with a pour or a greet at the door.

"Daddy" David -- Punk Rock!

Frank, the Mint's mainstay KJ who runs one of the best shows in the business.

Emma, your Tuesday night Impressario behind the KJ booth.

Frank, the weekend KJ. "Giving San Francisco the reason for weekends since 1949".



Donald -- he's just ducky!



Jay Bartender Barback Door Part time Karaoke DJ


                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Evan bartender /  Karaoke DJ